Who we are

Mediadesign Innovation Hub was founded in April 2018 as a subsidiary of Mediadesign University. In our role as university lighthouse MD.I bridges academics and industry. Beyond self-financing, our aim is to encourage the transfer of knowledge between both sides and to advance established fields of study or even develop new ones in response to changing industry standards.

Main objective of the company is the prototypical realization of highly complex media and technology projects that have a research or innovation character and are financed by industry partners. As a result of the special ties to the university, MD.I paves the way for alumni to enter partner companies while also allowing for the publication of scientific knowledge gained within projects. Therefore, the selection of projects and partners is oriented towards innovative topics and the publishability of scientific findings.


Our core competences include a deep understanding of interactive media development, human-machine interfaces and software architecture.


We research innovative media such as augmented and virtual reality and publish scientific results and academic conclusions from our projects.


We offer rapid prototyping and implementation as well as conception services for innovative media applications on all platforms.


We provide our partners with talents and thus support our graduates in their career entry by connecting them to your company.

MD.I Hub Team

MD.I unites a interdisciplinary core team of five members, both from technological and design fields of expertise. In addition – because of our unique business case – we can rely on a strong backbone and network of 20 professors and 1000 bachelor and master students and alumni from degree courses like media design, game design, digital film design, and media management at Mediadesign University and Mediadesign Academy.


Space Shop VR – Virtual Reality

In this co-op multiplayer game, the VR player has to communicate with his teammates in order to translate the signs and gestures of various alien species and keep his intergalactic shop running.

VRdirect Web Player – Virtual Reality

The VRdirect web player allows interactive 360° experiences, build with the VRdirect authoring system, to be played in a browser. This technology has multiple fields of use e.g. virtual tourism.

Phantom Haptics Device – Robotics

Phantom is a haptic feedback device that allows to “feel” the resistance and forces of digital 3D-Objects. An engine was created so research studies with the device can be executed more effectively.

Greenscreen Demo – Mixed Reality

A combination of the ZED Mini camera and a greenscreen setup. This demo hints at the manifold possibilities of beeing able to see your own hands and the virtual world at the same time.


Vuforia House – Augmented Reality

What happens if you combine the Vuforia AR plugin for Unity with an interactive modular building? We investigated possible interactions in the tech demo.


Cozmo City – Augmented Reality

This tech demo featuring robot Anki Cozmo uses the Cozmo Python SDK and Google ARCore to display the potential of today’s technology to shape childrens’ toys of tomorrow.


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Current industry partners we are collaborating with are VRdirect, the Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH, and the LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich).